Tired of Replacing your Lost or Broken Sunglasses? KZ Has the Solution

A lifetime replacement guarantee on sunglasses almost sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Especially considering more than 50% of Americans will break or lose their sunglasses this year alone. With those stats, It is nearly inevitable that at some point soon, you will be the one left without sunglasses. With that in mind, most people resort to one of two options: Settle for buying cheap, easily replaceable sunglasses that are less than flattering, or pay big bucks for designer sunglasses and accept the fact that they will be spending hundreds of dollars a year to protect their eyes from the sun. At least, that used to be the case.

At KZ, we take a radical approach to replacement policies by offering a lifetime guarantee for lost or broken sunglasses - no questions asked. We call it KZ4Life! program, and the policy is clear and simple. Broke your shades? Send a picture of them to us and they will be replaced for $25. Have you lost or had your glasses stolen? Send proof that you purchased them from us and for $25 they can be replaced too.    

As an adventure brand, we designed the policy based on our own frustrations with having to constantly replace or repair broken sunglasses, sometimes having to do so two or three times a year. We also realized that our active lifestyle clientele would benefit greatly from such a policy. As we state on the website: our shades are adventure ready, but accidents DO happen.  

KZ4Life automatically covers all of our styles, which include Aviators and Clubmasters, but our signature style is the Floatable Wayfarer Sunglasses. That’s right! They float on water - making them difficult to lose in the first place.

Ryan Benes