Which Color Sunglass Lenses Are Best for What?

When it comes to fashion, anything goes. Whatever you feel comfortable in is the style you should go with - especially when it comes to the limitless combinations of sunglasses that are available. That being said, all of those different lenses can serve a variety of purposes depending on color. Believe it or not, athletes, outdoorsman and adventurers wear certain color lenses at certain times on purpose! Here is a breakdown of when and where you should wear those certain colors:

Gray / Black Lens

The black or gray lense is the most functional choice for many. This style is perfect for nearly all conditions and activities and offers the least true color delusion. They are especially suited for water activities like boating, fishing, or water skiing, since the dark lenses offer maximum sunlight reduction, with the added bonus of optimized glare reduction.

Try: Superiors, Seattles 

Green Lens

Almost as functional as a black lense, green lenses are also useful in a wide variety of conditions and activities. While the lenses do create some color delusion, colors are still evenly perceived. This is a popular lens color for outdoor sports like tennis or golf, since the green provides high contrast of colors,reduces glare and enhances color that is shadowed.

Try: Amazons, Modern Hills

Brown Lens

Most popular for everyday use, brown lenses aren’t typical for action sports, since they are not as efficient in reducing glare as other color lenses. Furthermore, they are only optimized for brighter conditions. While these lenses do have redeeming qualities like enhancing contrast and depth perception, they are still considered to be fashion over function.

Try: Bourbons

Yellow Lens

Aside from standing out, yellow lenses offer another unique set of qualities when deciding on a lens color. In low-light conditions, these lenses can create greater clarity for activities that require long periods of focus, like driving, mountain biking or shooting. An added benefit is their ability to reduce blue light from electronic devices, which commonly cause headaches or eye fatigue.

Blue Lens

In terms of functionality, these lenses are typically optimal for hazy or snowy conditions. Skiers tend to favor a blue lense because of its ability to reduce glare, define edges, and enhance color definition. Early morning golfers or fisherman might also find similar values if dealing with haze or fog.

Try: Caribbeans, Niagaras, Bombays  

Pink / Red Lens

While functional in almost any weather condition, pink or red lenses tend to favor drivers, cyclists or skiers because of their ability to improve depth perception and color contrast. These color lenses also help reduce eye strain, which is infinitely important when focuses on roads or trails for long periods of time.

Try: Caspian, Lac Rose, Uptown, Rainier

Ryan Benes