Why KZ?

Whether you’re in the great outdoors or driving in your car, sitting at the beach or exploring the city, the pure happiness you feel while you’re on an adventure is at the core of KZ. We want to capture that happiness every single day through the products we sell, and how we sell them.

For too long, we were frustrated by the insanely high prices mainstream brands demanded for sunglasses, while giving very little value in return. KZ set out to turn those maddening frustrations into points of happiness! 

Overly inflated prices make people mad. We make people happy by promising to always keep our prices in-check by seeking-out the most cost conscious and efficient way to deliver you quality and stylish shades at a thoughtful price.
Complicated return and exchange policies make people mad. We make people happy by eliminating all the risk in shopping with KZ by offering free returns and exchanges.
Breaking your sunglasses and being SOL with the big brands makes people mad. We make people happy by offering $20 replacements for broken shades. If you break your sunglasses for ANY reason, we will send you a brand new pair!
Our mission at KZ is simple. We make Shades for the People- because happiness comes in many shades.