Candy Hearts

That's actually a harder question to answer than you'd think! Valentine's Day has a history of meaning different things to different people, so the stories about it are pretty varied.

In ancient times, there were lots of days for lots of different people named "St. Valentine." None of those had anything to do with heart-shaped candy or roses.

Our current holiday with all the hearts, cards, & flowers is thanks to the author Chaucer in the 1300s. It really picked up steam in 18th Century England. That's when the gift giving in the name of romance started to look like it does today.

If you're tired of giving your Valentine the old standbys, we recommend stepping out of the box with a gift like some of our shades. There are styles & colors for every Valentine.

What could be a better gift than something stylish, functional, & great all year round? Make sure to give your Valentine a heartfelt message this February 14th, and consider including a pair of shades as your gift!

AH 2018
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