So what's this fancy "Polarization" that companies seem so keen to tell you about? We're glad you asked! 
Nothing matters more to us than taking care of the #KZFam. We want to make sure you're covered when you out having those epic adventures you share with us!  Keeping your eyes safe is why we make sure ALL of our shades are Polarized.
If you've bought shades before, someone probably mentioned "Polarized Lenses" at some point. It's a technology that changes the way lenses function in your shades. Polarization affects how the light travels through the lens.
The short science version is that light waves are directional. Polarization blocks light waves of a certain direction, typically horizontal. This is awesome for a variety of reasons:
  • Cuts down on glare so you don't get blinded by the light
  • Helps reduce the amount of light getting through to your eyes to protect them
  • Makes colors brighter & clearer so you can see everything on your adventure

All these features make shades with Polarized Lenses the premier option for anyone who spends time outdoors. This is especially important anywhere glare can affect your sight, such as the snow or when you're on the water.

That makes our Floatable Shades the best you can get for your time on the water. Not only will your shades float if they hit the water, but all the styles come with Polarized Lenses to keep the glare from the water out of your eyes.

Lots of places charge a premium for this type of technology. They could offer the same shades for up to $50 MORE just because they're Polarized. We know as well as you do that's crap. All the shades you get from us come with Polarized lenses for no upcharge. 

Now that you know all about this fancy technology, grab some KZ shades and Find Your Adventure! Make sure to share with us on Facebook or Instagram! Thanks for being a part of the #KZFam !

Chris Anderson