Waybetters - Non-Floating Everyday



100% UV Protection


Color: Pink

Waybetters - Non-Floating Everyday

We took this iconic classic sunglasses frame and made it...way better! The ultra-sleek Waybetters have a black glossy frame on the outside with a pop of color on the inside. The 100% UV protection and polarized lenses protect your eyes with a scratch-resistant layer to protect the lenses.

**These are not part of our Floating Shades Collection


Our shades love to hang out in the sun & adventure with you - but clean shades are happy shades! Here are some great care tips we recommend to keep your shades looking their best!
• Use the KZ Microfiber cloth to wipe down your sunglasses regularly! Other fabrics can cause damage to the lenses over time.

• Always give your shades a freshwater rinse before wiping them down! Chemicals & deposits that dry on the lenses can react with the coatings.

• Avoid leaving your shades in prolonged extreme heat like your car or boat.

• Take care not to store them too closely to sharp pointy things like your pet hedgehog – or your keys!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Emerson .

Love the style of these shades and from my use they have also helped me see my laptop and phone screen better when using them outside.

Andree Chen
The only place I buy my sunglasses.

I love my KZ sunglasses and it's the only place I buy sunglasses! They are stylish, work well, and comfortable!


All Shades Include Lifetime Replacements If Broken. No Questions Asked.