Michelle | The Fisher

When Michelle was six years old, she considered herself a tomboy. She spent her time outside with her father working on cars, riding four-wheelers, and fishing. Fishing quickly became a passion of hers as she constantly worked on her techniques at nearby lakes and canals.

For the past three years, Michelle travels around the globe fishing in professional tournaments and attending events with the Pelagic Gear team. She also travels to Costa Rica many times a year to visit family and to catch their famous Rooster Fish - her favorite inshore fish to catch.

Before fishing professionally, Michelle studied marketing at Florida Atlantic University, and was a hairdresser for eight years. She loves singing, and even tried out for American Idol when she was 19 years old. She also considers cooking a hobby, and mostly learns by trial and error. 


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Michelle's Style:

Being on the water so much, I always love the Floatable sunglasses! They’re unique, durable, comfortable and look awesome on pretty much any face shape. I get a ton of compliments whenever I wear the Caribbeans.


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