March 28, 2018

Alice | The Adventurer

In the winter you can find Alice snowboarding in Lake Tahoe or backpacking in the backcountry during the summer. She went on her first backpacking trip in college into the Grand Canyon and has been hooked ever since.

Her favorite place to explore is the Sierra Mountains in California. No matter how many times Alice visits, she is always captivated by the expansive alpine views or glacial lakes that are around every bend. Her favorite is discovering new lakes, peaks or valleys to explore, and will always be amazed by the natural beauty.

When living in San Diego, Alice gained a passion for scuba diving after falling in love with the world below the surface of the water. For a time, she worked as a  divemaster and shark safety diver, and explores new dive locations all around the world.

When she is not pursuing adventure, she works as a software engineer and writes for her outdoor adventure blog, BackCountryCow.


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Alice's Style:

I absolutely love the Interchangeable sunglasses! My favorite thing about them is the shape - they really flatter my face and the color pops in photographs. They're also light enough to wear for all kinds of activities, and the polarization is a must for outdoor activities.