KZ in the Bahamas!

My wife and I love to travel - mainly to places with beaches and oceans. We’ve had a pretty good run lately where each beach we’ve been to has been better than the last. Up until a few weeks ago, our title for “Best Beach” went to Grace Bay at Turks & Caicos. The ocean was as clear and calm as a glass of water.
But like with every title, it is bound to change hands eventually. And it did with our latest trip to Great Exuma, Bahamas. I’d be willing to bet that the beach backgrounds they make for computers and phones are taken on this island. It has gained fame recently as the location of the infamous Fyre Festival, which thankfully, seems to be a passing memory for many on the island.

There was one day in-particular that turned out to be one of the coolest days of our lives. We booked an excursion to swim with pigs (not dolphins or sea turtles…PIGS) pet stingray, and feed iguanas. We were also taken to remote cays all throughout The Bahamas and got off to explore. I of course couldn’t help but drop our floating sunglasses into the stingray-infested water. Luckily, I had my GoPro with me so you can see it all for yourself!

Shades in the Video