Spring Is In The Air 🌸

Spring is in the air and it’s popping up everywhere! Warmer weather and spring travel have us all heading back outside and on exciting excursions. KZ sunglasses are a perfect addition to sunny new adventures! Wherever you go or whatever you do this spring take your KZ Gear sunglasses along with you!

Campaign Objective:

Highlight your KZ sunglasses and their Adventure Ready nature! What specific attribute enhances your springtime adventure. Mention additional attributes that show how KZ Gear sunglasses are a perfect choice not only for your adventure but everyday ware! 


1 TikTok/IG Reels

Content Submission:

Content Posted: As soon as creatively possible (7-14 days upon arrival of the package)

Campaign Runs: March 1 –  April 12

Mentions and Brand Hashtags:

IG: @kzgear, #kzgearpartner #kzgear #springadventures #springisintheair

TT: @kzgearsunglasses, #kzgearpartner #kzgear #springadventures #springisintheair


🕶️ All creators who opt-in will receive 2 New Pairs of Sunglasses from our lightweight floating collection

 🕶️ A chance to WIN: 
- Most KZ Mentions: $60 KZ Gear Gift Card & Spring Adventure Gear
- Most Creative (2 winners)
     Winner 1: $100 Cash Prize
     Winner 2: $100 Cash prize

🕶️ Commissions

Video Rubric:

1-3 Seconds - Attention grabbing hook: My KZ sunglasses go with me everywhere and these are all the reasons why they are my go-to spring sunglasses 😎

4-10 seconds - The context: Explain the sunglasses in the situation of your adventure

11-20 seconds - Share how KZ Gear floating sunglasses became your go to accessory. Emphasize how this low-key floating sunglasses have the perfect amount of coverage, are popular for all occasions, and fit your adventure without worry. You won’t lose your shades in water; ultra-lightweight saves you from headaches; 1 pair for fits any activity. What’s not to love about that?

Video should be max 20 seconds


You know your audience best, so put your own creativity into your content. Here are some ideas to get you started:

CONCEPT - Sun-Kissed Chic KZ Gear floating sunglasses protect your eyes without compromising on fashion. Create a GRWM travel lookbook featuring different sunglasses from your collection. Share various styling ideas for different adventurous locations. Headed out in beachy attire to strolling the boardwalk or resort pool wear to adventure tour. Include a caption like "Sun-kissed Chic" that encourage followers to shop your favorite looks. The perfect sunnies ready for any adventure.

CONCEPT - Floating on The Water Head out on a water adventure with an adventurous vibe. Create some fun content while showcasing their floating feature on your water-based activity. Drop them while out paddleboarding but scoop them right up. Have them knocked off in the pool but not have to swim to the bottom to retrieve them. I’m in love with KZ floating sunglasses because I don’t lose my sunglasses in the water, they save my water experience.

CONCEPT - Springtime Visionaries Capture stunning visual moments out on a springtime adventure hiking, picking wildflowers, walking along a tropical beach or strolling the city streets. Highlight those captivating images of beautiful landscapes or cityscapes, a charming café or a special location, emphasizing the idea of new springtime visions all around especially as seen through the lens of your sunglasses.

CONCEPT - Radiant Rays In Every Shade Take your audience on a visual journey revolving around an outdoor springtime activity in the sun. Capture moments that highlight and focus on the sunglasses protecting your eyes and adding to your style. Showcase new springtime activities or a stunning destinations and how having the right protective gear ads to your activity.


•    Ultra-lightweight: Provides long wear comfort for any adventure and activity

•    Floating: Material used in the design provides the added unique feature of floatable sunglasses

•    Crystal-clear Polarized Lenses: Provides superior visibility like looking through glass while reducing glare for improved clarity and contrast

•    Protection: 100% UVA/UVB protection to shield your eyes from the sun’s rays

•    Stylish: On trend styles. You don’t have to sacrifice style for functionability

•    Affordable: A price that won’t break the bank. Spend on adventure save on shades.

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•    Select 1-3 talking points from above 

•    Keep your content natural and fun to YOU that creatively incorporates KZ Gear products in an organic way

•    Mention your discount code and add your link to your bio. Make sure to tag/collaborate with KZ.

•    No visible logos of other brand names and any music used must not be copyrighted

•    Use #kzgearpartner to disclose partnership.