✨ Red, White, & You ✨

Lets celebrate the 4th of July and have some fun with KZ! It's all about the red, white and blue and stars & stripes. KZ sunglasses are a perfect addition to your 4th of July festivities & adventures! Wherever you go or whatever you do, take your KZ Gear sunglasses along with you!

Campaign Objective:

Highlight our Limited Edition Ol' Glories sunglasses in a fun and celebratory nature associated with the 4th of July type celebrations and activities. Utilize the theme of Red, White, & Blue, Stars & Stripes, Patriotic, 4th of July! Be creative, adventurous and fun! 


1 TikTok/IG Reels

Content Submission:

Content Posted: 7-10 days upon arrival of the package

Campaign Runs: June 4 –  July 4

* Please note: Opting into campaigns and not submitting content will result in revoked campaign eligibility

Mentions and Brand Hashtags:

IG: @kzgear, #kzgearpartner #kzgear #sunglasses #4thofjuly #starsandstripes

TT: @kzgearsunglasses, #kzgearpartner #kzgear #sunglasses #4thofjuly #starsandstripes


All creators who opt-in will receive:

🕶️ 1 Red, White & Blue Patriotic Themed Gift Box! 

 🕶️ Included are the KZ Limited Edition Ol' Glories sunnies!

🕶️ Commissions

Video Rubric:

1-3 Seconds - Attention grabbing hook: KZ Gear makes adventure ready sunglasses perfect for every activity. This is why I absolutely love them. These Limited Edition Ol’ Glories are perfect to add to your collection. 😎

4-10 seconds - The context: Explain the sunglasses in the situation of your activity or adventure.

11-20 seconds - Share: How KZ Gear sunglasses became your go to accessory! Mention the unique qualities of this particular pair and share it's limited edition opportunity to add to your collection.

Have fun with this patriotic 4th of July theme! 

Video should be max 20 seconds


You know your audience best, so put your own creativity into your content. Utilize the theme of Red, White, & Blue, Stars & Stripes, Patriotic, 4th of July!


  • Take the product out of the box and show it in use
  • Say the brand name “KZ Gear”
  • Include a few different angles
  • Have fun with patriotic theme colors, celebratory activities or adventures
  • Can use fun gift box accessories or your own items related to this theme
  •  When you post make sure to use your discount code and referral link
  • Tag Us - If you don't tag us we may not see it and you won't get credit


  • Mispronounce the brand name
  • If you are using voice to text (dictation), please ensure KZ Gear and spelling is correct
  •  Don’t just talk to the camera about the product. Must show different cuts and scenes 


•    Ol’ Glories sunglasses provide perfect amount of coverage & protection (UV & Polarized)

•   No worry about durability with these Ultra-flex sport frames

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•    Affordable price point so you can spend on adventures save on shades

•    KZ4Life Replacements

•    KZ Gear is a small brand that will help you focus on your adventure without having to worry about your shades