Zeds Non-Floating Everyday

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100% UV Protection



Zeds - Non-Floating Everyday

Precision style and design make the Zeds a standout pair of shades. We took an iconic semi-glossy black frame and added a subtle blue design for those who appreciate the finer details. The black lens are polarized with anti-scratch protection to complete this legendary look.

**These are not part of our Floating Shades Collection. In fact, they will sink like a stone!


Our shades love to hang out in the sun & adventure with you - but clean shades are happy shades! Here are some great care tips we recommend to keep your shades looking their best!
• Use the KZ Microfiber cloth to wipe down your sunglasses regularly! Other fabrics can cause damage to the lenses over time.

• Always give your shades a freshwater rinse before wiping them down! Chemicals & deposits that dry on the lenses can react with the coatings.

• Avoid leaving your shades in prolonged extreme heat like your car or boat.

• Take care not to store them too closely to sharp pointy things like your pet hedgehog – or your keys!

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Mitch S.
Favorite shades!

The design of these shades is really rad! I've worn them every day since they arrived a week ago, and they've been awesome. Totally recommend!

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