Lifetime Replacements for all Broken Shades!


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The Legendary
KZ Mystery Box

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What's Included:

3 Floating Shades + A Free Beanie!

This isn't the junk we keep shoved in the corner - this box is filled with the shades and beanies we sell every day on our website, just at a massive discount. Included in your box will be 3 of our latest and greatest floating sunglasses + a free beanie of your choosing after checkout! The KZ Mystery Box returns for the 3rd year, and after selling out in 3 days last year, we are geared up and ready with an even better box this year.


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The Dirty Details:

Choices not included! No Karen, you will not be able to choose the color of your shades, that's what makes it a mystery box!
Yes, you will be able to choose the color of your beanie while supplies last. You will get to choose your beanie AFTER your purchase of the mystery box.
Yes, we will include 3 different colors of sunnies. If you order more than 1 box, we will do our best to give you a variety - but no promises.
No returns or exchanges. No matter what.