Shades Amnesty

Why are we offering Shades Amnesty?

Here's the deal. Those big corporate sunglasses brands corner the market with their high prices and offer you very little in return. If you broke your shades, they probably laughed at you knowing they were going to get even more money out of you to replace them. We think that sucks. And a long time ago, we challenged ourselves to be better than that. So, if they don't have your back, we will! Introducing our first ever Shades Amnesty week!

how it works

When you buy a pair of KZ Shades, you are automatically given KZ4Life! That is the name of our no-hassle Lifetime Replacement Program. It means that anytime you break your KZ shades, we will send you a brand new pair for only $20 - show me a corporate sunglasses company that does that!

But, for this week only, we are extending our KZ4Life program to ANY brand of broken shades you have! That's right. We will replace ANY pair of broken shades you own with a pair of KZ Shades for $20 completely hassle-free!

what next?

Just fill out the form below, and we will review your KZ4Life Claim. Within 10 minutes you will receive an email with instructions on how to purchase your brand new KZ Shades at the KZ4Life discounted price of $20 plus shipping. It really is that simple!