What's your least favorite part of owning sunglasses? Odds are it has something to do with losing or breaking them.

Great shades are hard to come by. It's beyond frustrating when they sink, break, or get lost. It ruins your day or your trip, and nobody wants that.

Our Floating Shades have got the sinking covered. KZ4Life! covers the rest. We designed our replacement program so you don't have to worry about that any longer.

When you're in the Fam, you're in for life.

That's right. FOR. LIFE.

Our shades are lightweight, affordable, & super-durable, but accidents happen.

KZ4LIFE! will hook you up with a replacement pair of sunglasses for $20 SHIPPED! ($30 for snow goggles)


General Terms:

  • KZ4Life! is only available to U.S. customers with U.S. mailing addresses

  • KZ4Life!is only available for eyewear bought directly from (or orders registered through REGISTER4LIFE)

  • KZ4Life! can be used once (and only once - no exceptions) to replace lost or stolen shades

  • KZ4Life! will replace your broken pair with a comparable in-stock model (same style/color)

Some accidents also come with an awesome story. We'd love for you to share your story with us when placing your claim. Might show up on the website someday!


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